Awesome Pictures

One of the things I wish I had time to learn…and practice is photography.
At this time that is something I need to leave to the professionals.

Last week we met up with fellow hot-rodders at a local Dairy Queen and as luck would have it a local photographer was there.
Here is her website: Ashley Christina Photography
And here is her Facebook page (you need to be logged into Facebook to get access):

Here are four pictures of the ’56 that she took.































’56 Chev Truck Update

Quick update on the ’56.

Glass for the side and back windows have been ordered and received.
Fill for the radiator has been installed.
Tailgate and bumper ordered.
I’m sure there’s other stuff but I can’t remember!

Steve worked last weekend and gave the truck ‘eyebrows’.


It will have a wicked ass look when all done.
Can hardly wait to have the grill/teeth back in!

Steve is working to have the ’56 done (including paint) for the Rod a Rama show in March.

Hooded look on the headlights. Rings will be sent out to get rechromed.

Hooded look on the headlights. Rings will be sent out to get rechromed.

It's all in the details!

It’s all in the details!










Between us we have four ‘rods’.

Three are below.

’51 Willy Wagon
Needs some minor carb adjustments.
Hoping to get it back on the road over the 4th of July weekend since we both have four days off.

'51 Willy Wagon

’51 Willy Wagon









’56 Chev
Currently in hot rod shop being worked on.
Windshield, Air Bags, Bed, Exhaust

'56 Chev Truck

’56 Chev Truck









’31 Chev Coupe
Copper & Black
I can hardly wait til Steve has this done.
It’s going to be killer!

'31 Chev Coupe

’31 Chev Coupe











’56 Update

Update on the ’56 Chev….

It’s coming right along and I couldn’t be happier!!

There are two very awesome guys putting this together and they have done a fantastic job.
They are now trying to find a qualified person to cut the windsheild. It’s curved so it has to be done a special way.

I can hardly wait to set this bad boy on the ground (literally!!) and fire it up!


56 Chev

12.13.1256 Chev

56 Chev



Cruising Colby

Way back in high school (late 70’s) the cool thing to do on Friday and Saturday nights was to go to Everett and cruise Colby and hang out with friends. For the most part kids stayed out of trouble and kept their nose clean….mostly.

Over the years the city of Everett passed ordinance 46.48.010 which states:

A. No person shall drive or permit a motor vehicle under his care, custody or control to be driven past a traffic-control point more than two times in the same direction of travel within a two-hour period in or around a posted “no cruising” area.

B. On the major streets or alleys of a “no cruising” area there shall be posted a sign which shall read substantially as follows:


City Ordinance No. 1396-87

Maximum Penalty—$1,000

C. A traffic-control point as used in this section means any point or points within the “no cruising” area established by the police department for the purpose of monitoring cruising.

D. No violation shall occur except upon the third passage in the same direction of travel past the same traffic-control point within the aforementioned two-hour period.

E. No area shall be designated or posted as a “no cruising” area except upon the passage of a resolution by the city council specifically mandating such designation and posting for a particular area.

F. Buses, taxicabs and emergency vehicles shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter. Further, it shall be an affirmative defense that the vehicle was operated for business purposes.

G. Cruising is a misdemeanor and may be punished by a fine not to exceed one thousand dollars. (Ord. 1396-87 § 1, 1987)

The above ordinance was passed long after we grew up so it didn’t directly effect us. I don’t know of any other area after the fact that kids gathered to ‘cruise’.

This last weekend hubs and I sort of went down memory lane as we officially broke the above ordinance and cruised Colby with 400 other vintage/specialty vehicles!

We had a blast and will do it again next year….with the City of Everett’s blessing!

If you really want to be bored watch the 10 minute cruising video. The video is actually 22 minutes long but Photobucket would only upload 10 minutes of it!

Cruising Video