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A New Week


Am I glad last week is over.
Most of the household had colds and two of them are still recovering.
Lucky me didn’t get it that bad…..this time.

I am however trying to pull myself out of a funk of sorts.

I have been taking guitar lessons for well over two years now.
I have a fabulous teacher/mentor/friend that is overflowing with knowledge and is more than willing to share that knowledge and experience with his students.

But every once in a while I think….

What The Heck Am I Doing?

Am I just fooling myself into thinking, wishing, HOPING that SOMEDAY I will be good enough to play with others and god forbid be in a band even????

So this last week I really didn’t play much.
Just didn’t have it in me (and yes I was exhausted from fighting off a cold).

I went to my lesson this week and talked to David about my funk.
And I feel way better now.
My funk is gone.
It is so gone that I am actually looking at new/used guitars and no you can never have too many!!! (heh heh)
(my current inventory is 4)

This week is Johnny B Good rhythm
Next week is Johnny B Good lead

And I have the opportunity to play with others and be in a band so I’m going to give it a try.

And YES I can be THAT good!


This Week’s Lesson

This week’s guitar lesson….

Keep the Wolves at Away – Uncle Lucius

LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can FINALLY play Lola Montez by Volbeat!

Go Me!