If you love dogs…
Specifically ‘pit bulls’ then you will love this project.

Please help educate people, specifically children, on the fact that NO BREED is more dangerous than the next.


So who is Galunker????

(taken from website)

Galunker is a pit bull. He looks really mean,but is about as threatening as a marshmallow.
The dog catcher is determined to capture Galunker, and bad guys want to make him fight.

But Galunker just wants a home!

While Galunker is above all an entertaining story along the lines of Dr. Seuss, with beautiful illustrations, it is also an effort to address the “aggressive breed” bias towards dogs like German Shepherds, Dobermans, and most recently, pit bulls.

Galunker is first and foremost a children’s book, with a heartwarming story about a friendship between 3 underdogs. But it also includes at the end an essay aimed towards parents to help further educate with science instead of superstition, to help make an informed decision about whether or not to introduce ANY breed of dog into the family home.

Now comes your turn to help.

You can help fund their Kickstarter campaign AND get the book when it’s done (I did!).

It looks like they have 32 days to go and will most certainly reach their goal….it would be fantastic if they dramatically surpassed the original amount as this could mean a series of books.

Make sure you watch their video!!




Budweiser Does It Again

Budweiser does it again.

I will have to say this one ranks up there as one of the best commercials they have done.

And yes, I’ve watched it over and over and over and……




Wine Gift

I received a wonderful gift from a very long time (27 years) friend.

He knows me too well!

Lucky for me he knows his wines!!!

A three wine gift set.

Can hardly wait to give them a try.

Cool thing is that it was ordered through Rotary Wine Club of South Whidbey (local) and 10% of the price goes directly back to the rotary club.

So if you want to join a wine club (you can cancel at any time) or just purchase a gift (for yourself or a friend) and help a local rotary raise funds (to help local organizations etc.) then check it out.











Never heard of the ‘Cup Song’ til my teenage granddaughters showed us.

Loved it so much that after a few drinks I gave it a try!

Love it even more!!

This video is an awesome rendition of the ‘Cup Song’.

I totally get off on the rhythm created simply with your hands, cups and voice.