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Misc. Updates and Random Ramblings

How about them Seahawks!!!
Game against Denver was wayyyyyy to close and yet….
We beat them again!!

Happy second day of fall!
We have wind and rain scheduled to come in late tonight.
Bring it on!!
Our spring and summer was the best ever.
Started early and ended……yesterday.
I always love this time of year.
Wind – Leaves Changing Color – Cooler Temps – And Pumpkin Everything
I still have a few things to tidy up outside. It looks like it will be semi-decent this weekend so I will finish all outside chores then.

Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!!
We’ve participated in two pirate events in the last two weeks.
As ‘candidates’ (newbies) it still feels a little weird to dress up and talk/walk/act like a pirate but the more I do it the more comfortable I feel.
I don’t yet have a complete costume but I am hoping in the next week to be able to have my custom pirate vest with tails made.

Hard Cider & Mead
Love Love Love them both!!!
As many of you know I created my own soap/body care business many years go by bootstrapping.
That business lasted over 14 years then I shut it down 2 years ago after my husband passed away.
I was burned out anyway and I just didn’t want to continue with something that he was a big part of.


You can’t keep a good woman (or wench in pirate speak) down and I have decided to bootstrap another business.

I will be making (and eventually selling) our own hard cider and mead.
I am more excited about this venture than I ever was about my soap business!
We have a good size outbuilding that will be insulated, heated and have lights that will be our fermenting room.
I knew I painted that thing this summer for a reason…haha
I have already registered a domain name, website (blog) and have applied to the state for a state license.
I’ve already talked to the city and WLCB and they have no problem issuing me my liquor license.
At some point in not so distant future I will need to have a logo created.
And the best part will be experimenting and taste testing the different batches!!

I made my first Halloween glass block.
Love it!!!
I have plans (hopefully this weekend) to make a pumpkin one.
If anyone local is interested in the blocks they are $30.00 each.
Sorry but I don’t want to deal with shipping these at this time.
I might visit that option early next year.







We weren’t going to have a Halloween party this year…figuring everyone was kind of partied out.
Guess not as a couple of our bff’s have talked us into having one.
So now in addition to my continuing guitar education, crafting cider & mead I am now gearing up for Halloween….
And then Christmas.


Can anyone tell me how to get more hours out of the day??





August In Review

This has got to be one of the BEST summer’s ever and it’s still going on!
Here we are now in September and the temps are still going to hit mid 70’s if not over 80 this weekend.
Nights are starting to get cooler and in fact we lit the outside fireplace for the first time this year.
I love nothing more than sitting around the outside fireplace with our ambiance lights/tiki torches on and shooting the shit or listening/playing music.

August flew by as I knew it would.

August Highlights

The yard is completely finished!!!
There was a bit of gravel left over from the backyard that needed to be spread.
With the help of my oldest granddaughter we got it done in a couple of hours.
(go us!!!)

I finally had the time to paint our shed the same color as the house.








The ’56 is progressing.
I believe at this moment in time all that needs to be done is putting spark plug wires on and bleeding the brake lines then it’s ready to fire up.
The engine was already broke in on the dyno but it has yet to run in the truck.
I have in my mind, knowing what the engine is, what it should sound like.
I hope I’m not disappointed.

And yes, it really does sit this low!





We had our annual Hula Moon party and it was a blast!!
Thank you all for coming!
Hula Moon is our annual celebration of summer, friends, family and mine and Steve’s birthday.
Good food / Great Company / Lots of Libation




We have the BEST Kubb/Viking Chess game ever thanks to Jeff and Blythe!!!
This game is so simple and it’s a blast to play!!!






In short I think that pretty well sums it up.

I will try to get back here more often!!



Mustard Slaw

This is sooooo good we put it on EVERYTHING!!

Not only does it work on pork sandwiches but it also works on hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken tacos etc. etc. etc.


I use the prepackaged coleslaw mix (16 oz?) and double the dressing recipe
I don’t add bell peppers

Easy Peasy Mustard Slaw


1 small or 1/2 large Cabbage, chopped (or use prepackaged slaw)
1/2 Red Bell Pepper


1/4 c. Yellow Mustard
1/4 c. Mayonnaise
1/4 c. Sugar
1/4 c. White Vinegar
1/2 tsp. Celery Seed
1/2 tsp Pepper
Salt to taste

Mix all dressing ingredients and add to cabbage/cole slaw.

Make sure you haveĀ LOTS of napkins!





I have soooooo neglected this blog over the last month.

It’s not that nothing is going on….
It’s because so much is going on!

My bad.

I will be back in a couple of days to make a real post!