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So I’m Trying A New Coffee

I don’t fall for hype and I know there is NO easy way to lose weight.
And yes this could be considered a some-what pyramid scheme……but I’m trying it anyway and it looks like any money I may earn will be minimal at best as I have no intention of spending my free time trying to sell this stuff!!!!

If you drink coffee this might be for you.
Valentus Slimroast Coffee

I don’t know how or where I found this product but I did a thorough search for bad reviews and complaints and I just couldn’t find any.
It’s a tad spendy (something like $2.50 per cup) but that is WAY less than Starbucks (which I have cut out so I can pay for this!!)

I just had my first cup and expected it to taste like crap.
It didn’t and was actually quite drinkable!!!

Here is what the box says:
Controls appetite
Regulates sugar absorption
Regulates fax absorption
Promotes healthy energy (which I really REALLY need)
Promotes brain health & focus
Elevates mood (yep need this too!)

So hell….how can one go wrong!!!???

I have my own Valentus website and if you want to give this a try (or they have other products) please order through me.
If nothing else I may get points or something!

My site:
Java Fitness