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Man’s Best Friend…..

I have always been a dog person…growing up we seemed to always have at least one dog and my adulthood is no different.

We have two bullies (bull terriers)…

Dozer (white male) was imported from Lithuania and Maggie Mae (colored female) was imported from Moscow, Russia. They are now 6 and 5 years old.

While Dozer has had his own unusual medical issues (can we say ruptured disk = expensive!) this post is about Maggie Mae.

In October 2006 she had what we thought was a bacterial infection on her muzzle. Upon taking her to the vet she was diagnosed with discoid lupus – an autoimmune disease that causes her immune system to attack specific parts of her body…luckily this form of lupus only effects the face.

She was put on antibacterial medicine as well as steroids to help supress her immune system and help her muzzle to recover. Because of the steroids our little couch potato has gained a few pounds but we are working on that by playing ball!

After her diagnosis I searched the internet for more information and more importantly actual pictures of other dogs with discoid lupus. Pictures were very few so I am using our blog to put up her pictures with the hope that other dog owners will find this in their quest for more information.

Maggie is now on a regimen of 1 steriod pill every 3-4 days and right now (december) she is maintaining. Once spring is here and the sun comes out she will be wanting to spend more time outside…which will not be a good thing….Discoid lupus is triggered by the UV light in the sun…so the more she goes outside the more the lupus will be active and the more often she will have to take the steroids. We are also on the look out for the very highest SPF sunblock there is as we will have to coat her muzzle with it.

Maggie in October 2006 Total depigmentation of her snout. Sores start out as bumps, then they sort of get weepy and scab over. The steriods supressed her immune system while the antibiotics helped her skin to heal. She does not seem to experience any itching or pain during breakouts.


maggie june 04

Maggie June 2004

and to be fair we need to give Dozer his air time too!


Dozer a few years ago

dozer melissa

Dozer at around 2(?) years of age…he used to LOVE to sleep with our youngest daughter (who is now 22) (sorry Melissa but I just love this picture…she is going to kill me for posting this!)

Bull terriers (think Target dog) have always been my favorite breed….but let me warn you…every thing you read about them is true…its like living with two tornados in constant motion…..warning: this breed is NOT for everyone and they must be socialized very very well.