This Week’s Lesson

This week’s guitar lesson….

Keep the Wolves at Away – Uncle Lucius

LOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!


I can FINALLY play Lola Montez by Volbeat!

Go Me!


For Your Listening Pleasure

Love Chris Stapleton and love this song!!

And here is Home Free again!!
(love these guys too!!)

The Sound of Silence

I have always loved the Sound of Silence from Simon & Garfunkel.
I love the lyrics and the music and for reasons still unclear to me it always evokes a somewhat emotional response.

I hate to say it…..
I really do…..
But there is a way better version of this song

I love the lyrics
I love the music
I LOVE his voice

And now….

The Sound of Silence performed by the heavy metal group….Disturbed!!!
(utterly fantastic!!)

Shine On Me

I have watched this video over and over and over again.

I LOVE this song.
I LOVE his voice.
I LOVE this video
It evokes a lot of emotion…….

And yes….
I married my late husband in this chapel

Shine On Me by Devin Sinha
You can buy his music HERE…..
and yes I bought his newest one Our Past and Present Futures

What Am I Learning Now??

My guitar playing/learning has been not so much this last month or so.

I was sick (bronchitis/upper respiratory infection) for three weeks in February and didn’t feel like doing shit …… so I didn’t.

March……. it’s well underway now and I finally feel like getting back on the bandwagon!

I am currently working on/learning the three songs below.

When I get frustrated with one I will put it aside and work on the other then vice versa. Then when you come back to the first one it gets easier and easier.

For good measure my instructor throws an easy one in between the two….this way I feel like I can actually play.


Baby, now that I’ve found you – Alison Krauss and Union Station
Love this song.

Bleeding Out – Imagine Dragons
This is the easy one.
Love this as well

House of the Rising Sun – The Animals
And of course….everyone’s favorite!!

Now I just need to figure out how to get 3 hours of practice in every day!



Everything Will Be Ok

I love music and would love to be immersed in it!
If it were up to me I would never have the tv on but instead listen music.


However, when you have two young children, two teenagers (all grandkids) and a man who loves watching drivel all in the same house it’s inevitable that the tv comes on.

Saw this video on Facebook (gotta love facebook!)

Totally LOVE this.

I just might have to check them out and see what they are all about!