Last Weekend

Rain Rain Rain and still more Rain….

My plants are starting to come up!
Chives, flowers, ornamental grass….

How many more days til spring????

The two youngest grandkids have had a runabout with one of the strains of Influenza A (there are a bazillion different strains). One is fully recovered, the other battling an ear infection. Poor things. Me….I’m just battling a cold but I think I’m on the upslide now as I feel better today than yesterday!

Saturday I went to my main man (Keith Bailey) at Anvil Tattoo to have him fix my hands. Several years ago I went to another shop and had my hands done. Long story short – The flowers got infected starting in the middle. I assume I either had a reaction to the yellow ink or perhaps something was amiss with that particular ink. I ended up losing most of the coloring in the leaves and flowers. Keith not only redid the flowers he also ‘watercolored’ them so they go better with my guitar and giraffe watercolor tattoos!!! I only did one hand and will get the other done in a few weeks.














I also worked on more card front images.
These were done with colored pencils.
I have some dies on order and once they get here I will put the cards together.

Giraffe Card Front Image

Friends Card Front Image

Celebrate Card Front Image


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