Paper Crafting

There are few things more personal than giving someone a handmade card with a personal note inside. It doesn’t matter if it’s a birthday, sympathy or just a hi-how-ya-doing card….it shows the giver truly values you and took the time to find the perfect card.

I have always wanted to make cards and over the last couple of years I have collected items to make said cards.  I have a Cricut, two embossers (one manual, one electric), various stamps, dies and cardstock.

I have regular colored pencils, the entire set (and I’m talking entire!) of Chameleon pens and watercolor pencils which are so far my very favorite to work with!!!

I am in the process of coloring (with the watercolor pencils) many images then I will go through all of my cardstock, embossing folders and stamps to see what kind of cards I can put together. I hope to eventually have enough different cards both in sets and and in singles to start putting them on my etsy site.

Here is a photo of the watercolor images I have done so far.

I am pleased with they way they came out!


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