Misc Videos

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!

May nothing weird or unusually creepy happen to you today.

I wanted to share a few videos with you.

Watch Ya’ Mouth
(uses dental cheek retractors which you can buy on ebay…or so the say!)

Can you imagine playing this after a few drinks!!!

And speaking of drinks….

Have you seen the Tipsy Bartender videos???!!!

Beyond awesome!

I have and play both an acoustic and electric guitar.
I find myself at least at this time really liking the electric and playing rock and roll.
I have an Aria but I’m really wanting something…..more???

I came across this video with side by side comparisons between a Les Paul, Telecaster and a Stratocaster.
I think it is a very good comparison and you can certainly hear the difference between the three.
To my ear I really like the Stratocaster.
Take a listen.

And speaking of Stratocasters….
Which is better…..
American made or Mexican made?

For me I’m not out to buy something as a collectible to hang on the wall and gather dust (at least not at this time heh heh)
I want to play the damn thing!
After watching this comparison for me value wise I have no problem buying the Mexican made one at half what the American made ones are.
After all…..they are pretty much the same thing.

That’s it for for today.

I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day.
It’s supposed to hit 85 degrees!!!!
I might have to make one of the Tipsy bartender’s drinks!


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