Misc. Updates

We are now heading into March…
More daylight hours and warm weather coming.
Can’t wait for spring!!!!!
I heard (from my momma!) that we are supposed to have a spring and summer like last year…and the year before…..
Early and HOT!!!
Bring It On!!

Let’s see….what is new??

**Still playing guitar and taking lessons. I finally feel like I can play. At some point in time I would love to get together with others and just jam.

** You know all that hard cider I had fermenting? Well out of the 5 or 6 different recipes none turned out well enough to drink. So I dumped it all….and yes it hurt.
So now I am foraging into making fruit wine from scratch (vs. a kit). I have 5 gallons of peach wine that was started 4 days ago. I can tell from the start it’s going to be wonderful!!!!

**I joined a local Red Hat Society group with a bunch of wonderful ladies. Love it!!!! We have a meeting once a month and at least one activity per month plus it gives me the excuse to buy and wear red or purple hats, clothes, jewelry…you get the picture…..and act wild and crazy….we are after all ‘old’!

**I have been a full charge bookkeeper for over 29 years working for the same company (go me!!!). Since that has worked out so well for me I have decided to open my own bookkeeping service. We work with both local and virtual clients of small to medium size. If you know of anyone big or small looking for a bookkeeper please send them our way. We can cater any monthly package to fit their needs. West Avenue Bookkeepers

**Walking Dead. Really??? I know this has been out for years but I was never interested. I’m not a big zombie fan…..
But I got bored one day (a very rare occasion!!!) and watched the first episode of the first season on Netflix.
OMG! I’m hooked. I don’t know how or why but I love the show!!! I’m still not a zombie fan but I love the story and the characters…
And oh yea…..I’ve watched all of the seasons Netflix has to offer.
Luckily we have dvr’d the current season….I just have to find time to sit down and watch it!

**I have soooo many project I want to do with my cricut but so far little time.
There are several glass blocks I want to do…..a new pirate one, a giraffe one (I collect giraffes) and a sea turtle one….which is going to be very awesome with what I plan on decorating it with!! And cards…..got to start working on cards….

That’s about it from here…..
Mostly it’s just the same same.
All good!


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