Misc. Updates and Random Ramblings

How about them Seahawks!!!
Game against Denver was wayyyyyy to close and yet….
We beat them again!!

Happy second day of fall!
We have wind and rain scheduled to come in late tonight.
Bring it on!!
Our spring and summer was the best ever.
Started early and ended……yesterday.
I always love this time of year.
Wind – Leaves Changing Color – Cooler Temps – And Pumpkin Everything
I still have a few things to tidy up outside. It looks like it will be semi-decent this weekend so I will finish all outside chores then.

Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!!
We’ve participated in two pirate events in the last two weeks.
As ‘candidates’ (newbies) it still feels a little weird to dress up and talk/walk/act like a pirate but the more I do it the more comfortable I feel.
I don’t yet have a complete costume but I am hoping in the next week to be able to have my custom pirate vest with tails made.

Hard Cider & Mead
Love Love Love them both!!!
As many of you know I created my own soap/body care business many years go by bootstrapping.
That business lasted over 14 years then I shut it down 2 years ago after my husband passed away.
I was burned out anyway and I just didn’t want to continue with something that he was a big part of.


You can’t keep a good woman (or wench in pirate speak) down and I have decided to bootstrap another business.

I will be making (and eventually selling) our own hard cider and mead.
I am more excited about this venture than I ever was about my soap business!
We have a good size outbuilding that will be insulated, heated and have lights that will be our fermenting room.
I knew I painted that thing this summer for a reason…haha
I have already registered a domain name, website (blog) and have applied to the state for a state license.
I’ve already talked to the city and WLCB and they have no problem issuing me my liquor license.
At some point in not so distant future I will need to have a logo created.
And the best part will be experimenting and taste testing the different batches!!

I made my first Halloween glass block.
Love it!!!
I have plans (hopefully this weekend) to make a pumpkin one.
If anyone local is interested in the blocks they are $30.00 each.
Sorry but I don’t want to deal with shipping these at this time.
I might visit that option early next year.







We weren’t going to have a Halloween party this year…figuring everyone was kind of partied out.
Guess not as a couple of our bff’s have talked us into having one.
So now in addition to my continuing guitar education, crafting cider & mead I am now gearing up for Halloween….
And then Christmas.


Can anyone tell me how to get more hours out of the day??





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