Country Meadow For Sale

Country Meadow is a viable bath and body business that I shut down last year due to the death of my husband.

It is an easy business for you to restart as your own as it is a work at home/spare time business that all branding/website/formulas have been done already.

Pricing is broken down into three parts:
Website/all social media

Website/Social Media
Website/Domains: &
Branding of business (paid over $2500.00 for custom logo, custom labels etc.)

(Very little equipment is needed for this type of business.)

Plastic shelving (I use these to cure soap on).
Three Hdpe custom soap molds.
Two custom soap cutters (slab cutter and log cutter).
Impulse sealer
Cart with wheels
Approx. 40 lbs of coconut oil
Approx. 40 lbs of sodium hydroxide
Misc raw ingredients for lotion, scrubs
Misc. jars/bottles etc.
And whatever else I find

The soap boxes are created and printed from your computer/printer. You will need a printer that will print on heavy cardstock as mine is not for sale.

Or if you wish you can buy craft boxes already made (supplier online) and put your label on it.
Fragrance oils are not for sale as I will still make soap for personal use however there may be a couple I will throw in for free.

I have worked for 14 years on creating my own soap, lotion and scrub formula.
These are made from scratch and not purchased bases.
In addition to soap, lotion and scrub I have also made other items in the past and have the formulas to those. You will also get any and all printed books, marketing material , supplier list etc.

Total Price $4500.00.

Please note:

You are NOT buying any inventory.
You are NOT buying any customer or customer information.
You are NOT buying any accounts.
No financial information will be released.

You are buying an already branded viable company that has been in business for over 14 years and the price is simply based on what it would cost you to create a website/social media to the level it currently is along with a little bit of equipment and tried and true formulas.

Country Meadow will be for sale until August 15 2013. At that time everything listed under equipment will be sold off individually leaving just the website/social media for sale.
(After August 15, 2013 any and all formulas will not be for sale or included in the sale of the website/social media)




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