Dog Toys

In having English Bull Terriers (past 10 years) and more recent American Staffordshires we have always found it difficult to purchase toys that would hold up more than a few minutes!

You can’t buy cute stuffed or rubber toys as they are shredded in mere seconds.

I will show you some of the toys we have that have held up.

You can get most of them at your local pet store or you can check out Indestructible Dog Toy.

Dura Chew Textured Tug
Dura Chew Bacon Bone
Dura Chew Textured Bone
Jolly Egg
Double Action Chew
Dura Chew Bacon S
Paw-zzle Ball
Double Action Revolving Chew
Dura Chew Airscrew

And just this week…
Moose Antlers!

Because the ‘boys’ (Brodie & Jasper) are 70 lbs. and 64 lbs. respectively I bought the biggest antlers they had and I can tell you the boys love them!

I wasn’t sure if antlers would be considered a fight-over toy by the boys so they only get them under closer supervision and I never allow one to take it from the other. They each get one and unless it is dropped or left unattended they must respect the other dog and leave him alone.

The ends have been cut flat so there are no sharp points and this also allows the dogs to get at the bone marrow…and in case you are wondering….the antlers are naturally shed.

These are expensive ($25.99 each) so I only let them have the antlers for a couple of hours then they are put up keeping this particular ‘toy’ a special treat item!

I will tell you once these wear out and get chewed down I will be getting more. I think it is money well spent!




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