Leftover Turkey And Chicken

Over the holidays (Christmas & New Years) we cooked two turkeys…and needless to say hubs and I had lots of leftovers….and since I can only eat so many turkey sandwiches we were on the hunt for recipes using leftover turkey.

I am NOT a fan of recipes using condensed soup but I broke down and agreed to make this dish. And much to my suprise it was very good! We have made it twice. The first time using leftover turkey. The second time I used cooked chicken breast.

Hubs found the recipe below on ehow (his new favorite site!).
Very Simple
Very Cheap
Very Good

Measurements are not exact but in this case it doesnt matter!

Leftover Turky & Noodles

Leftover Turkey
1 Pkg. Egg Noodles
2 Cans of Cream Soup (we used cream of chicken)
Salt & Pepper

Optional ingredients: Garlic, Peas & Carrots, Mushrooms, Shredded Carrots, Peppers (just about anything you want to throw in there!)

Cook noodles as directed.

Meanwhile cut up turkey into bite size pieces. Cut up any vegetables you are using. Saute these in a bit of olive oil.

When noodles are done drain and return to pan. Add cream soup and 1 can of milk to the noodles. Add your sauted meat/veggies and stir til mixed.


See….told you it was easy!




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