Simple & Frugal Fall Decorating

I found a new blog!!!!
Love this post on simple and frugal fall decorating!

Simple and Frugal Fall Decorating Ideas
By Melissa Michaels

bhg cut flowers on dishes

I love simple.

If something is simple, frugal & beautiful, I’m a happy girl.

Especially when it comes to decorating. I’m always on the lookout for easy ideas for centerpieces and seasonal decorating tips that don’t take weeks or a big budget to put together. I only have the time and patience these days for maybe a five minute project.These centerpieces from Better Homes & Gardens are right up my alley. Set some flowers or veggies on a dish and voila, you have a centerpiece. Does it get any easier than this?

bhg platter centerpiece

Or skip the dish and put some gourds on a window sill surrounded by garland. Easy!

bhg gourds on a shelf

This next one is extra fancy. Combine sticks with lemons in water. Looks like it took you all day to create!

bhg branch decor

Last year I really had a thing for white pumpkins. How long would it take to set one on a pedestal? I would probably skip the painting on it to save some time, but if you are the crafty sort, you could handle that project. You might even be able to create that design with a Sharpie!

bhg white pumpkin

I thought this next one was super cool looking. Branches are so versatile. I love this idea.

bhg stems berries photo holder

Cute and clever to use coffee beans to give the vase a nice texture! I love the idea of lining double vases with things like shells or berries to create an interesting visual. It is easy but makes you look like a creative genius.

bhg coffee beans

Last fall I used apples in a apothecary jar as a centerpiece. Do note that if you keep the lid on you will be inadvertently making & green fruit in glass container

Finally, check out this ingenious idea for turning mismatched stemware into a centerpiece! I really love the idea of using what you already have to create something new. Blogger Kim from A Soft Place To Land created this clever Fall centerpiece from an idea she found on the Rachael Ray website. I LOVE IT!


Are you gearing up for fall decorating?Come on over to the forums and let’s get revved up for Fall by sharing some easy ideas and fall nesting rituals! We have a new group called Seasonal Nesters and I’d love for you to join!I’ll be there so don’t leave me to chat by myself.

Photo sources:
Unless otherwise identified, photos are from: Better Homes & Gardens,Apples in Apothecary photo is my own spectacular creation
Final photo: A Soft Place to Land

Melissa Michaels is is all about making things simple and easy, much to the horror of those who like to make life expensive and complicated.




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