Halloween Ideas

We are coming upon the end of October and Halloween is in a few days!

Here is my last post/links on Halloween party ideas for this year.

Thanks to HGTV here is a link that will take you to several Halloween decorating ideas as well as quickie costumes and more pumpkin carving patterns!

Ideas for Halloween

Here is one of the projects shown under the Halloween Decorations heading!

Halloween Skull Wreath

Materials and Tools:

Wreath covered with silk foliage
Flat black spray paint
Orange and black glass Christmas balls
Plastic skulls
Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
Black ribbon


1. Spray foliage wreath with black spray paint. Try to cover all of the greenery or flowers with spray paint so no other colors show. This may take several coats.

2. Attach skulls to the wreath with hot glue, spacing them evenly. Fill in with black and orange glass balls, attaching them with hot glue or tying them on with black ribbon.

3. A fun alternative to the plastic skulls are plastic vampire’s teeth, wrapped Halloween candy or chatter teeth.

Halloween Skull Wreath

Halloween Skull Wreath




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