Recipe Of The Week: Hawaiian Fruit Punch

This being the last month of summer we are featuring products, ingredients and recipes with a tropical theme.

Recipe Of The Week:
Hawaiian Fruit Punch
(Compliments of Culinary Arts Program at Maui Community College)

This is for all those people who enjoyed a traditional Hawaiian Rum Punch on their trip to Hawaii and want to enjoy a summer treat as they remember their vacation. Approximate yield is about one gallon. With the addition of ice, it will serve twenty people.

4 cups orange juice
4 cups guava juice
4 cups pineapple juice
1/2 cup grenadine, red
1 cup ginger ale
3 cups light rum
1/2 cup dark rum

Pour chilled juices into a large bowl, add grenadine, ginger ale and the light rum.
Add cubed ice and stir to mix.
Float dark rum over the punch. Do not stir into the punch.

(oh hubba hubba…this sounds devine!!!)




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